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If you have a concern about your exhaust system please call Andrew Robinson to arrange a free inspection. If your exhaust is blowing you should have it inspected straight away.

Your exhaust system is a very important part to your car, not only does it get rid of noxious fumes but it also controls noise, boosts engine performance and improves your fuel consumption. Although there are no moving parts in an exhaust system, its function means that it is one of the hardest working components of a car. Effects of rust and corrosion by toxic wastes attack the metals of the system leading to noisy and dangerous failures.

Is your exhaust system fit and healthy for your MoT?
Remember that the exhaust and catalytic converter are inspected as part of your MOT test. Don’t let your car fail because of a leaking or damaged exhaust system.

We constantly monitor exhaust prices to make sure that our customers benefit from the most competitive rates on the market. We offer exhaust replacement services or full or part systems for every make or model.




Make your booking; all you need to do is give the garage a call and check availability on your preferred date and time and then we will confirm your booking.

Exhaust Service Centre Lincoln

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Exhausts from £19.95

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